Digital Marketing Packages

Why should I look at a marketing package rather than individual products?

Tying your entire campaign together under one Mindstream Media Group team makes management of your advertising simple. We ensure your message is consistent and that you’re get the best returns on your marketing dollars. You can find all of your reporting in one place. Plus, you have the convenience of only having to contact one person if you have a question on any part of your campaign.


How does Mindstream Media Group optimize program performance?

We are constantly testing aspects of the campaign to improve performance across all business locations. Some of these optimization tactics include modifying campaign structure, testing various extensions and updating bidding strategies.


What should I be doing to monitor my campaigns and potentially improve performance?

You can actively monitor your campaigns on the 24/7 reporting dashboard and provide feedback to your Mindstream Media Group representative regarding the performance you see. We recommend doing this on a monthly basis to ensure the campaign is moving in the right direction.


I do not see my listing on Google. Can you make sure my business appears for specific keywords in my city and state?

Every time an individual conducts an online search, there are many different variables that affect whether or not an ad is displayed. It’s nearly impossible to analyze each search to understand why an ad did or did not show up. However, the reporting dashboard will provide you with an aggregate view of the number of times your ad was served during a given month, how many times it was clicked on and the average ranking.


Why am I receiving calls from out of state? Outside my desired target area?

As individuals move for professional or personal reasons, it is no longer necessary that they change their cell phone number since there is no additional charge for calling long distance via cell phone. Typically, when we see calls coming from outside a business’ targeted area, this is the reason. However, we recommend you actively monitor the campaign performance and match the call data to your own phone record. In the unlikely event that there was an error in targeting, contact your Mindstream Media Group representative.


I’m not receiving any phone calls. What am I getting for my investment?

Please log into your reporting dashboard. If you are not seeing any calls or do not believe they are valid calls, please contact your Mindstream Media Group representative. Providing feedback on the reason these calls are not providing value to your company will help us properly optimize your campaigns. For example, is the call converting to a sale or are they for the right products?


Why does XYZ business appear ahead of me in a Google search result? I know XYZ business isn’t doing any digital marketing.

Your campaign with Mindstream Media Group doesn’t affect your organic search results. We only focus on your paid search presence placement on premium directory sites.

Paid Search

Why should I purchase paid search advertising on search engines?

According to Internet Live Stats, as of Spring of 2018, 3.5 billion searches are conducted per day on Google alone. Typically, consumers searching for a product or service online are ready to buy and likely to go with a brand whose information is easy to find. Your business can take advantage of this opportunity with a strategic blend of paid search management from Mindstream.


How can I target my paid search campaign?

Your paid search campaign will be closely geo-targeted, enabling specialized campaigns to be built to meet the needs of individual markets and locations with customized local keyword strategies and regionalized ad copy, along with day-parting and biddings strategies. Campaign reporting is available by market and can be optimized according to each market’s needs.


How do I know my paid search ads are really working?

Mindstream Media Group's response measurement services assign a unique telephone number to a specific advertising campaign. When consumers call this number, it rings seamlessly into your existing phone line. This way, we can track where the caller found the phone number and measure your return on investment. We can also measure impressions, clicks and click-thru rates from the search listing to your website and coupons. Reporting can be drilled down to the granular level and is fully customizable to meet your unique needs.


Do I need a landing page if I have a website?

A landing page may be needed depending on the type of campaign running. A website contains general information about your business; a landing page can be content-specific to a campaign, product or promotion. Landing pages can also be tied to a search result link, providing information that serves as a direct extension of the initial search done by a consumer. Search engines also see these pages as more relevant for consumers therefore not only serving your ad, but also serving it higher in rank.


What does Mindstream Media Group being a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner mean?

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program (PSP) connects Google’s trusted and experienced AdWords partners with small- and medium-sized businesses that want expert help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns. Being named a Google AdWords PSP clearly acknowledges our ability to provide effective search engine marketing at the local level for the brands we have the privilege to represent. In addition to in-depth AdWords expertise, PSPs provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support and broad marketing guidance to help advertisers make the most of their campaigns.



Why doesn't my display campaign focus on clicks?

It is important to remember that our hyper-targeted display advertising is primarily used for branding and building awareness. Before you choose to use a display campaign, think about your advertising goals. If you want to spread the word about your company or get your name out there, then display advertising might be for you.

A click campaign is used when you are more interested in prompting customers to take immediate action. The two most important elements for any display campaign are reach and frequency, and with the broad reach of Mindstream's display network, you can reach your advertising goals.


How does targeting for a display campaign work?

We have the ability to target by topics, placements, interests, keywords and remarketing.

Topic targeting means that your ads will show up on websites that talk about topics that your target audience may find interesting. This could be insurance, agriculture, or any other number of topics.

Placement targeting occurs when you choose particular sites on which you would like to run your ads.

Interest targeting is based on user interests. If you know your consumers are interested in horseback riding, for example, then you can target equestrian websites to show your ads.

Keyword targeting is when you come up with a keyword list that will get your ads on websites based on the context of the page.


Why can I not see my ads when I Google my company or visit websites?

To see your advertisements, you would have to be in the correct location and meet the targeting criteria. Additionally, Google and our Display Network run on an auction format. Each time a search is performed or a website visited, an auction is taking place instantly. Your company’s ad may not show up every time you Google it. You may see other display ads based on your interests or the auction for that website's display spot. Also, we may be using ad scheduling, frequency capping or any number of optimizations to optimize your ad placement for the greatest number of qualified leads, which may prevent you from seeing your own ad.

Additionally, we discourage you from searching for your advertisements. This is because if you see your ad, it counts as an impression. Since you do not click on your ad, your click-through rate (CTR) goes down, and your campaign performance will be negatively affected. If you would like to see your display ads, please reach out to your Mindstream Media Group contact.

Business Listings Management

Why do I need Business Listings Management for my business?

To increase your business’ exposure and gain better rankings within local listings and search results. This service will also improve user experience by eliminating bad or incorrect content.


Why is there a minimum number of locations?

Mindstream Media Group requires at least 50 locations for corporate business listings locations in order to make this service cost effective to manage on behalf of our clients. There are a number of manual processes involved including syndicating optimized data, claiming and verifying local listings and providing insightful reporting on a monthly basis. A campaign for 50 or more locations provides the appropriate scale to dedicate the resources needed for success. For franchise locations, the number of required locations may vary based on need. Please contact your Mindstream Media Group representative for more information on this program.


Which search engines and directories receive the data?

Mindstream Media Group submits the business listings content to all major search engines and directories, such as Google, MSN/Bing, Superpages.com and YP.com. It also includes 411 directory assistance, mobile, OnStar and GPS navigation devices.


Can I submit my business listing content directly to search engines and online directories?

Yes, in most cases you can submit listing content to many of the search engines and directory sites, but the process for submission differs greatly from one site to another and can be very labor intensive. Mindstream Media Group's business listings management solution is a single submission process for all locations across multiple sites. Typically, these programs can gain results within 45-60 days from the initial submission.


Why should I advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is the fourth largest site on the internet and has over 1 billion unique visitors each month. There are more than 2 billion daily video views and 52 percent of viewers have taken action after watching a video online. Thirty-five percent of YouTube viewers have purchased something they saw advertised on YouTube.


How much does advertising on YouTube cost?

Mindstream Media Group offers both in-stream ads as well as cost-per-view ads. With these options we can create a flexible campaign that suits both your advertising needs as well as your marketing budget.


Who choses what videos my ad will get played with?

Your advertisement is selected when the keywords on the video match the keywords that that are tied to your advertisement and the demographic profile of the watcher match those of your campaign.


Why should I advertise on Facebook?

More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook, and 64 percent of those people visit the site every day. Localized ads are delivered straight to the demographics you want out of those 800 million visitors.


What targeting capabilities are available on Facebook?

We can target on Facebook based on user education, where they work, and their interests (generated from “likes” on their profile). Also, we can target based on user location, as well as certain demographics such as age or gender. In addition to these targeting types, Facebook has a highly effective remarketing program. So, when a user visits a website, Facebook will show him or her ads for that company on the Newsfeed. This is a great way to reach those who we know are already interested in your company, and therefore more likely to make a purchase, or perform the desired action.


Do Facebook page likes really matter?

Yes, these are the people that like and care about your brand or product, so they are more willing to make a purchase. The likes on a Facebook page give you insights to what customers are looking for and gives you the ability to advertise toward them. Additionally, likes help us build a consumer profile and target people that are most likely to be customers.


How will I know that my advertising is working?

Mindstream Media Group will test multiple target groups for effectiveness to make sure that your ads are bringing you the results you want.

Enhanced Listings

Why is PowerListings a must for my business?

Because of the tremendous value of the top position in organic ranking. Four out of five people make a decision via organic results versus paid advertisements on search engine results pages (SERP). Your business listing, not just a paid ad, must appear high on the SERP to capture those consumers. PowerListings can help you achieve higher rank by ensuring your listings are accurate, optimized and most relevant.


How do I know if my PowerListings campaign is working?

Each partner site offers performance analytics including clicks and impressions by day and time, and business listings audits, updates, feeds and reviews.


If I utilize highlighting with PowerListings, how much will this increase my campaign performance?

PowerListings' customizable text allows you to highlight promotions, photos, video, special hours or services, qualifications and more. The customer response ratio can increase as much as 40 percent.


How does PowerListings manage my brand?

Managing multiple listings across local search sites and ensuring your brand message and differentiation is executed both nationally and locally is a complex, complicated and time consuming activity. Mindstream Media Group will make sure your information is up-to-date and robust for every listing, so that your brand communicates credibility to current and potential customers.


What can PowerListings do for my business if I already have Business Listings Management?

Having accurate and optimized information online for your business is one of many variables of a local search strategy. A comprehensive local search campaign uses an integrated strategy involving map listings, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and social media efforts to convert these solid leads into new customers. Overall, this product offers your business a local search solution that gives you access and control over what shows up across the Internet.


Who should use PowerListings?

PowerListings+ enhancements allow companies to promote Featured Products and Services, a Calendar of Events, Staff Bios and a Menu if applicable. Products and Services show weekly deals; highlight seasonal items; showcase what’s available or new arrivals; build out featured product catalogs with full descriptions; and include prices, specifics, and photos for each item. Businesses with scheduled events will benefit from the Calendar of Events; the service industry can promote the experience and knowledge of your team in the Staff Bios list; and restaurants can now include calorie counts, nutritional information, photos, menus and seasonal promotions in the Menu enhanced content list.


Premium Local Directories

Why should I advertise on Premium Local Directories (PLD)?

These directories provide users important information on the available services in their local markets in the U.S. and Canada. Used frequently by potential customers, PLD sites provide an opportunity to expand your reach and exposure within your local marketplace.


How do I know which PLD site is the right choice for my business?

Although many PLD sites exist, users typically favor one directory site over the rest in a given market. Mindstream Media Group's dedicated PLD specialists can guide you through the best sites for your markets.


Why should I buy a PLD ad when these directory sites provide a free listing?

Free listings on PLD sites are placed behind all paid advertisements in alphabetical order. Purchased ads improve your position and provide branded advertising. Free alphabetical listings do not offer branding or enhanced positioning.


How do I know my PLD ad is working?

Performance reporting is available monthly via email or 24/7 on our user-friendly reporting dashboard.


Response Measurement

How much do response measurement services cost?

Mindstream offers flexible pricing options based on line volume, minute usage, menu/route programming and reporting requirements.


When will I start seeing test results and what will I see?

Results can be accessed through an online reporting platform at any time. You’ll see the number of calls, day of week and time of day for each, caller ID (when available) and number of abandoned calls. You’ll also be able to listen to call recordings (if activated). Trending analysis will vary depending on media being tested.

Location Management

How long does it take for my location updates to be processed?

A report is created at the end of each day and changes start being processed at that time. If there are no errors found, changes will be processed, verified and uploaded to your landing page within three business days.


How often can I make edits?

You may make edits as often as you like. If there is an error on your page or you would like to change something, we may access your location management page on this site 24 hours a day to make changes.


Where is my information visible?

Your location information is uploaded to your microsite landing page. This landing page is linked to the "view website" buttons on the corporate site, location finder as well as showing in organic search results on sites like Google and Bing.

Print Yellow Pages

Are Print Yellow Pages still viable?

Yes! Yellow Pages have effectively demonstrated their ability to stay relevant with 5.5 billion annual searches. Sixty percent of consumers still use the print directory to find local businesses at least once a year. A study on local media usage and trends by Burke Research found that 74 percent of Print Yellow Pages searches resulted in a purchase or intent to purchase. The results of these studies are very clear, traditional print advertising targets ready-to-buy consumers.


Can Mindstream Media Group handle an account my size?

Mindstream Media Group manages a wide range of ad programs. As the largest independently owned Yellow Pages agency, we handle some of the most demanding and complex programs, placing tens of millions of dollars in advertising annually. Our ability and leverage within the print industry also allows Mindstream tremendous success in negotiating outstanding special incentives and pricing for our clients.


What type of accounts does Mindstream Media Group manage?

A wide variety including: corporate-based, dealer/distributor, agent and franchise.


Can you help me determine where to advertise for the greatest return?

Yes, our strategies integrate your specific market area and sales potential data, such as targeted consumer demographics and syndicated directory usage, into the directory selection and recommendation process. This comprehensive analysis, coupled with competitive placement examination and astute recommendations, allow for better-informed buying decisions based on sound research methodologies.


Tell me about your creative work.

Our designers combine art with the science of proven methodology for creating ads with powerful content. Our in-house, award-winning staff designs ads that stand out from the clutter and, most importantly, motivate potential customers to call or visit.


How do I know my ads are really working?

Response measurement programs can be customized to measure the precise number of calls generated by your ads, and also provide caller information like location, identity and time. Audio recordings are available too and can be used as a valuable training tool.