Location Services

The challenge for local businesses, especially large multi-location brands, is making sure your business information is readily available to consumers whenever and wherever they search.

You need to connect with ready-to-buy consumers who have shown interest in your products and services by optimizing your brand's presence in local search results.

Mindstream offers two solution sets to help your brand do just that. 



Location Presence Management


Listings Management

Distribute local listing data across our network of more than 70 search engines, social platforms and data aggregators.

Reputation Monitoring

Monitor reviews across our partner network on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Local Landing Pages

Manage local information on pages on your website or mobile app.

Business Listing Management


Manage business information across our partner network that influences more than 200 top local sites including:

  • Search Engines

  • Local Directories

  • Map / Navigation Apps

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Data Aggregators

Search Marketing

Did you know, eMarketer estimates more than 242 million people conducted an online search in 2019? Typically, these consumers are ready to buy and are probably going to go with a brand whose information is easy to find. Your business can take advantage of this opportunity with a strategic blend of paid search, organic search engine optimization and e-commerce management from Mindstream.


Mindstream offers a variety of solutions to help optimize your brand's performance in search results:

Paid Search

An efficient and optimized strategy to ensure your ads appear on Google and Bing. Place your national, corporate or local, dealer-level ads on top major search engines, and get highly qualified, convertible clicks and calls. We study the competition, analyze keywords and match them to relevant copy and optimized landing pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Using targeted keywords achieves real business goals. As consumers browse organic results for a product or service, your brand deserves to be front and center. SEO ensures your website and online assets are indexed properly by major search engines and rank highly when results are served.


We have more than two decades of experience working with e-commerce brands of all sizes. We leverage a wide range of strategies including e-commerce SEO, paid search, data feed optimization, programmatic media and social media marketing.



Mindstream Media Group is a Google Premier Partner

To learn more about what it means to be part of this program, check out our partner profile page.




Our commitment

No matter how consumers search, Mindstream Media Group can connect you with them to grow your business. We take basic search a step further and combine search efforts with listings management, special offers and mobile to maximize returns. We use our experience and world-class partnerships to promote national brands and distribute messages across search engines and directories. We analyze local markets, understand business needs and develop campaigns that perform and exceed ROI goals.


Mindstream Media Group is a Microsoft Advertising Partner

Due to our in-depth understanding of search advertising and the Microsoft platform, we are a certified Microsoft Advertising Partner.



Mindstream Media Group’s display solution is a great option to help brands get the most out of their display spend by delivering customized messaging to hyper-targeted audiences.

Hyper-Targeted Display campaigns are all about the consumer - it’s a solution that cares more about the intent and location of an audience than what website or app they’re seeing the ads on.

To put your ads in front of the best possible audiences, we target consumers who:

Mindstream's Hyper-targeted Display campaigns allow brands to...

- Serve ads across devices on our expansive network of publishers

- Target audiences by location, content interests and demographics

- Customize ads by location with dynamically inserted local information

Lead Gen Network

Phone calls influence $1 trillion in U.S. spending at some stage of the path to purchase according to BIA/Kelsey, 2016.

That's why Mindstream's Lead Gen Network campaigns focus on one thing and one thing only: driving qualified calls from targeted audiences. We start with the “Who” and worry about the “Where” later. We do this by designing campaigns around your ideal consumers rather than a list of sites and apps.


How it Works

We focus on the consumer by serving ads based on sophisticated audience targeting methods:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Demographics     
  • Search terms           
  • Day-parting
  • Whitelisted publishers
  • IVR targeting


We serve your ads to those targeted audiences across devices by leveraging our expansive network of media channels:

  • Search engines   
  • Navigation/map apps
  • Mobile/desktop display     
  • Local directories
  • Voice recognition software
  • Publisher websites


We use call tracking technology to monitor performance and optimize campaigns:

  • Ad types  
  • Ad copy
  • Media channel
  • Search terms
  • Geographies
  • Day-parting


Premium Local Directories

Mindstream Media Group’s Premium Local Directories (PLD) campaigns focus on prominently displaying our clients’ location information on the most popular local directories. Sites like Yelp,, Superpages and Citysearch – plus all of their partner websites.

Consumers who use local directories are usually looking to find nearby businesses that offer specific products and/or services. This intent-driven usage makes PLD campaigns perfect for brands looking to reach local, ready-to-buy consumers.



Product Options:

  • Enhanced profiles
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) ads

User Stats:

  • 83 million monthly mobile unique visitors
  • 79 million monthly desktop unique visitors



Product Options:

  • Enhanced online listings

User Stats:

  • 35 million monthly unique visitors across the network
  • 2.2 million monthly unique visitors on

Product Options:

  • Priority local listings
  • Diamond listings
  • Metal listings

User Stats:

  • 2.3 billion annual searches on YP properties
  • 80 million+ monthly visitors across platforms



Product Options:

  • Enhanced business profiles

User Stats:

  • 1.1 billion+ monthly searches across the network
  • 100 million+ mobile apps downloaded across network

Social Media Marketing

At Mindstream Media Group, we’re not just social media users, we’re social media power users. We believe in the power of social media to not only connect with your fans and customers but to sell to them as well. Whether you’re looking for a paid social agency to start targeting the right demographic, or a community management agency that can help you stay on top of your social media profiles, we’ve got you covered.


Managing paid advertising campaigns on social media

If you’re looking to place ads for your business on social media, you don’t want to take a “wait and see” approach — you want to leverage a paid social agency that understands the best way to serve your ads to your target audiences. That’s why we only place your ads where they’re likely to reach people looking to buy. Our goal is simple, we want to place ads that deliver high conversion rates for your brand.


Managing your social media community

Whether you’ve got a small business with a few followers, or hundreds or thousands of locations to manage — you need a social media agency that has the capability to accurately and timely respond to reviews, questions and comments from your community. At Mindstream, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to ensure that your social media community doesn’t get neglected.